We all know the importance of a healthy diet, especially at an early age

That is why we make sure to keep all of the meals we serve as varied and as nutritious as possible, whilst never compromising on taste.

We use the freshest produce possible and prepare all meals right here on site. We understand that young children are still developing their own personal tastes and so we rotate our menu every 3 weeks to ensure that they are served up something new and delicious every day. We happily cater to all dietary and religious requirements and encourage all of our children to drink fresh water throughout the day.

We offer a selection of meals including:

  • We get the day off to a good start with a full healthy breakfast, served between 8am & 9am
  • Toast & fresh fruit served between 9am-9.30am
  • A main meal is served at lunchtime, followed by a delicious dessert
  • Tea consists of fresh fruit, sandwiches and other light snacks
When it comes to our menu, we are open to suggestions from parents as to what they would like to see served. Help us to make sure your child is receiving the most varied and healthy diet possible.
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Rest assured that your child is receiving a delicious, balanced diet. Call us today on 
020 3772 6879
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